Duties of a Project Manager

by: Tobby Hedges

Before listing down the series of duties and responsibilities of a project manager, let’s start with the basic definition of a project manager.

Who is a project manager? A project manager is a professional in the field of a project management. He or she is solely responsible for the complete project life-cycle (i.e. from planning, to the execution, to managing the risks involved, and the closure of the any given project, etc.).

The position of a project manager exists in many different disciplines. For example, an engineer or an architect will be responsible from managing the designs to the approval of the design and to the final structure which will be produced. Likewise, with the project managers in the field of IT, they will be responsible from developing and testing information networks to the final financial systems.

Regardless of the subject matter area involved, the project manager function is characterized by a common set of duties and responsibilities. A project manager generally applies all of these duties to meet project requirements, as follows:

  • Ascertain appropriate products, services and plans with clients or customers in order to define project scope, requirements, and deliverables;
  • Develop, modify and put in high level of inputs to make sure that the project plan is carried out smoothly;
  • Effectively implement the project plans in order to meet the objectives of the clients and attain the organizational goals;
  • Coordinate and integrate various project activities among the team members and make sure the communication level is at the peak;
  • Manage, lead, and administer various project resources so that the assignment gets complete perfectly in the stipulated period of time;
  • Monitor the right functioning of all the project activities and must be up to date with necessary resources to mitigate the risks;
  • Implement or maintain quality;
  • Provide expertise in making improvements in the project,
  • Provide problem solving ability and take corrective actions when problem arises.

Above mentioned are some of duties and tasks that a project manager should perform. However, to perform these diverse duties and responsibilities at the same time, one requires professional project manager training. Training may include various project management programs and courses that will enhance skills and grow your career as a project manager.

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