How to Create a Basic Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel

If you’re looking to develop simple or complex Gantt charts, we’ve found a good video that walks through an example of building a Gantt chart using Microsoft Excel. Stop copying and pasting and formatting colors and data cell by cell, and watch how you can better automate the process using crafty Excel skills!

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7 Cool Productivity Tools You Should Know About

Original Source: Inc – and It’s a fantastic feeling to find a product or service which gives you new insight into your work, helps you get more done or can save your company money. Here are several good ones you probably haven’t heard of. Bento It’s a prepaid, debit-based employee expense card that can be […]

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Agile Software Development: Best Practices for Project Managers

Agile Best Practices for IT Project Managers

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4 Facts You Need to Know About New PDU Requirements

New PMI PDU Requirements as of December 1, 2015

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Project Teamwork

4 Must-Have Skills That Project Managers Need to Best Adapt to Future Trends

This morning while sipping on my coffee, I came across an insightful article about some of the top skills that project managers are going to need to have to succeed in the next ten years, and it got me to thinking. Circumstances and cultures have changed, and our tools and other resources have changed. The […]

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Top 3 management certification programs considered best in the industry

Have you just acquired project management professional (pmp) training but are unsure how to get the best use out of it? Do you want one but don’t know if it would be the right thing for you? Have a look at the article below. We are sure it will point you in the right direction. […]

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PMP is the Most Respected Project Management Certification Globally

This project management certification blog is a prime online resource for everything you need to know about it. There are tutorials that will guide you on the step by step process, and there are articles that provide enriched information for your use. It is amazing how many people have actually learned much from this site. […]

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Microsoft Project Management Tools Are the Key to Success

by: Schew Maker Have you ever wondered how project management tools works? Doesn’t it baffle your mind a bit? Doesn’t it spark your curious mind, and make you think incessantly about it? Are you interested in learning facts, trivia and other interesting information about it? You have come to the right place because every so […]

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Duties of a Project Manager

by: Tobby Hedges Before listing down the series of duties and responsibilities of a project manager, let’s start with the basic definition of a project manager. Who is a project manager? A project manager is a professional in the field of a project management. He or she is solely responsible for the complete project life-cycle […]

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